The Viking Truck Is Pillaging Your Hunger With Caucasian Fusion Food

Caucasian Fusion? Luis Flores is half Hispanic and half Norwegian, but decided to take off after his “Caucasian” side for this truck concept. Luis is quite a character. Ask him about anything and he’ll tell you a story. He loves to talk about his truck, his family, and food. Food was an important part of his family. Food brings the family together. And you can image the smorgasbord of feasts at his house during the holidays from the Hispanic and Norwegian sides. The Viking Truck is a newbie on the road, opening in October 2011. Luis gives a big shout out to the OC Food Truck for letting him work on their truck to learn the ropes of the food truck business. This concept took two years to make and was well worth the effort.

Odin is smoked bratwurst, bacon, cheddar cheese, sauerkraut, red cabbage, spicy brown mustard, and Viking ketchup. The bratwurst was perfectly cooked, has a rich, meaty flavor, and a good snap. The toppings are amazing! You experience it in every bite – smoky, salty, creamy, sour, tangy, and sweet hitting you all at once. Thumbs up, way up!
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